Undecorated Altar Candles with Sertin® End

Although most of our candles are shipped Plain End, we offer a few sizes with our custom designed insert called Sertin®.  If your candle stands are equipped to accept the Sertin end, then you will want to order from this page.

We have long believed that a candle produced from a mold provides a better burning candle than one extruded from a press. Therefore, we have developed a process by which we could mold a beeswax candle, a technique not commercially used because of its inherent difficulties.

Each and every Marklin candle is molded by hand with 51% beeswax and then over-dipped for a blemish-free appearance. Every step of our process — from pouring the molds to tying a knot in the wick to decorating—echoes the words of the American Bishops when they write in Built of Living Stones that everything used in worship should "bear the stamp of the artist".

Our altar candles are intended to be burned with a follower. 

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