Beeswax Buyback

Please Participate in the Marklin Candle Beeswax Buyback Program . . .
it's good for you
good for us
and good for the bees.

We will be pleased to credit your account towards your next purchase if you send us any beeswax Marklin candle stubs. Recycling the wax in this way allows us to be responsible stewards of a valuable natural resource - the gift of the bees.

So here is your chance to clean out your sacristy and turn your clutter into credit!

Shipping Your Beeswax Marklin Candle Stubs

Please pack your candle stubs in a shipping box and send them to us via your preferred shipping vendor. To insure proper credit, please make sure your shipment is clearly labeled with the parish name and complete address. Please note, we will accept beeswax candles from other vendors, but we will only be able to issue credit for Marklin candles.

Please ship candles to the following address:

Candle Buy-Back Program, Marklin Candle Design
28 Riverside Drive
Contoocook, NH 03229

Current Buyback/Credit Rate

Buyback Rate: $2.50 per pound

Terms & Conditions

Returned candles have no cash value. Credits are non-transferable and expire within two years from the date of issue. The buyback rate is subject to change with current market conditions. Credit offer is only valid on Marklin beeswax candles.