Dewfall™ Paschal Candle

The 2011 English translation of the Roman Missal compares the Holy Spirit to dewfall. This new interpretation of the Paschal candle evokes images of "Living Water and Tree of Life", common biblical themes of spiritual rebirth.

A creative design - with no beginning or end - wraps around the entire candle. At the Easter Vigil, the priest will personally finish the candle, carving the year, the Alpha and the Omega into blank wax. Rosettes, which are not obligatory for the paschal candle, are not included with Dewfall. Created in 2012.

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Our Paschal candles are intended to be burned with a follower.

Orders placed more than four weeks before Easter are guaranteed for Easter delivery. Orders placed less than four weeks prior to Easter, if accepted, may incur expedited shipping charges.

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