Vidi Aquam™ Paschal Candle

As the newly blessed water of the Easter season is sprinkled upon the faithful, your community may sing a version of the Vidi Aquam, a traditional chant recalling Ezekiel's vision of water flowing from the side of the Temple. In John's gospel, water and blood flow from the side of Christ, bathing the Church in sacraments.

Rosettes, which are not obligatory for the paschal candle, are not included with Vidi Aquam. Created in 2005.

Color Options: 

Blue • 22K Genuine Gold
Blue • Genuine Silver

Custom color combinations are available upon request for an additional fee. Please specify your preference in the notes field at checkout.

Our Paschal candles are intended to be burned with a follower.

Orders placed more than four weeks before Easter are guaranteed for Easter delivery. Orders placed less than four weeks prior to Easter, if accepted, may incur expedited shipping charges.


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