Apis Mater™ Paschal Candle

The Exsultet praises the bee whose work builds the precious torch of the Paschal candle. Apis Mater, literally translated "Mother Bee", is an introspective candle that shines with the joy of the community life, the discipline of hard work and the love concealed in sacrifice. ~Rev. Paul Turner

The vibrant honeycomb design wraps around the entire candle and pays homage to "the work of bees".  Includes rosettes of myrrh.  Created in 2016.

Color Option:  Multi-colored

Custom color combinations are available upon request for an additional fee. Please specify your preference in the notes field at checkout.

Our Paschal candles are intended to be burned with a follower.

Orders placed more than four weeks before Easter are guaranteed for Easter delivery. Orders placed less than four weeks prior to Easter, if accepted, may incur expedited shipping charges.

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