Nox Beata™ Paschal Candle

A cross open to the elements surmounts a starry, meteoric skyscape from which emerge the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet: alpha and omega. Christ is the beginning and the end of all creation, making his resurrection a truly blessed night.  Nox Beata, or "Blessed Night", recalls an insight from the Exsultet: The night is blessed because it alone of all the nights has come to know the hour of the resurrection.

This candle will illuminate the entire community gathered on a blessed night to celebrate the most blessed night of all.

Color Options:

Red • Gold  |  Red • Silver  |  Red • Bronze
Blue • Gold  |  Blue • Silver  |  Blue • Bronze
Green • Gold  |  Green • Silver  |  Green • Bronze
Gold • Bronze • Silver

Custom color combinations are available upon request for an additional fee. Please specify your preference in the notes field at checkout.

Our Paschal candles are intended to be burned with a follower.

Orders placed more than four weeks before Easter are guaranteed for Easter delivery. Orders placed less than four weeks prior to Easter, if accepted, may incur expedited shipping charges.

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