Undecorated Altar Candles

Each and every Marklin candle is molded by hand and then over-dipped for a blemish-free appearance. Every step of our process — from pouring the molds to tying a knot in the wick to decorating—echoes the words of the American Bishops when they wrote, “everything . . . in worship should bear the mark of human hands.”

We have long believed that a candle produced from a mold provides a better burning candle than one extruded from a press. Therefore, we have developed a process by which we could mold a beeswax candle, a technique not commercially used because of its inherent difficulties.

Our altar candles are intended to be burned with a follower. Candles are shipped plain end unless otherwise requested.

There are 16 candles per case and 4 candles per carton with the exception of the following two  groups of sizes:  

1-1/4" x 12" and 1-1/2" x 12" case of 36, carton of 6
3" x 15" and larger case/carton of 4

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